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MegaZMegaZ – Teal/black LT1 (275hp) Camaro Z28 with a 4-speed auto and gray cloth interior. Fully optioned with everything except T-Tops and a 6-speed. Acquired as a demo in July of 1994 in Timonium MD with 6,000 miles for about $20 grand, a screaming steal. A whole lot of fun, this car launched my racing career in 1995. Its first time on the dragstrip, it ran a 13.67 @ 100 mph bone stock, a record at the time. Subsequent modifications to the intake and exhaust got that down to 13.44 @ 102.7 mph. Road-raced first in November 1995 at Summit Point. Wrecked in March 1996 by broad-siding a Grand Am that made a left-turn in front of me when she shouldn’t have. This car had fewer problems than the first Camaro did, but it still spent way too much time in the shop – even so much as needing to have its engine replaced at 35,000 miles, just before the warranty ran out. Traded in August 1997 with 52,000 miles just as it was ready for a fourth set of rear tires.

UPDATE 12/30/08: Always wondered what happened to this car. I heard it was sold again quickly in Fall ’97, and I had assumed for the last decade that it was probably wrecked shortly thereafter. I assumed wrong. A recent CarFax on the VIN revealed that the car sold three months later to owner #2, sold again two years later in 9/99 to owner #3, and was kept for eight years until summer 2007. It is still around – it was sold at auction to a dealer in September 2007 with 153,777 miles on it, somewhere in central VA. I’m frankly amazed that it wasn’t run into a tree by now. I don’t want it back, but it would be nice to see how it has aged.

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