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White Fiero SE Coupe
The White Coupe – A white Fiero SE coupe with a 2.5 liter I-4 engine and a 3-speed auto. I bought it in 2001 after seeing a picture of a mouthwateringly beautiful black Ferrari F40 in England, and decided I wanted to build a replica of it based on the Fiero chassis. Black Ferrari F40My first purchase on eBay, I acquired it in April 2001 in Rockville, MD for $600. Its engine overheated on the way home but it survived, then later the fuel pump failed. Following an earlier pilgrimage to Chicago to see what was involved in building an F40 replica, I later realized I had neither the skill nor the financial resources to complete such a project. The car sat in front of my house and collected parking tickets for 4 months, and was never driven further than the grocery store. I sold it on eBay in July 2001 for $850. To another guy in Michigan. This is the only car on which I’ve ever made an actual profit.

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