The Showroom

Grand Am – My first car. 4-door with 3.0 liter Buick V6 (125hp/150tq), 3-speed auto in white with black accents and silver two-tone, light gray cloth interior. Had the FE3/Y99 sport suspension and driving lights. Acquired September 1992 in Vienna VA with 92,000 miles for $3,000. Used for getting to work, learning how to work on cars, bird-dogging Willimantic cops at 3am, and pizza delivery. Traded in September 1993 with 124,000 miles. Can’t find any pics of this one, but it was the top of the line and far better looking than any other Grand Am of that era. Most were beat-up rust buckets, but this one was immaculately maintained and really sharp looking. I should have kept it, as the dealer only gave me about $800 for it in trade on the red Camaro.

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